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researchers who have received Nobel Prizes were supported by the DoD.

There are nearly


DoD STEM Professionals.
Matthew Tan
Matthew Tan
Student, Aerospace Engineering, Stanford University
Dr. Bryn Adams
Dr. Bryn Adams
Synthetic Biologist and Environmental Microbiologist, DEVCOM, Army Research Laboratory

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I’ve realized that showing students the interconnectedness of the different parts of STEM is just as important as focusing on any one area, such as chemistry or biology.

Jonté Lee

Calvin Coolidge High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher

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Spotlight: DoD STEM Teacher Ambassador Jonté Lee

Jonté Lee, a chemistry and physics teacher and DoD STEM Ambassador from Washington, DC, moved his chemistry lab to his home for online instruction during the pandemic. His informative and fun weekly lessons from his kitchen have caught on with not only his students but with others across the country.

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